Ann Morell
Beauty Contest Winner
Winner of Screen Test Hollywood


About Me....I have been called Ann Morell since my teen years. As a child, I had an ethnic name, but Hollywood changed my name to the English version. 

I have experience in the role of Beauty Contest Winner, Actress in Movies and Television, Commercials, Print Modeling, Public Speaking,  Promoter, Record Producer, (before CD's), Public Relations-Media Contact and Radio Talk Show Hostess,

As a life style during the years, I chose to live as close to nature as possible and chose Holistic Health Care. I found this interesting as my way of life and became a Certified Holistic Health Care Practitioner and Doctor Of Healiopathic Medicine.  I founded Healiopathic Natural Medicine in 1996. 

I am a member of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and a speaker for Anti-Aging Natural Medicine.

                     My motto is: 

"Life is Ageless and Age is Lifeless"TM

In 1992, I Founded The Great Spirit Center, a Public Benefit Charity with a mission to help Single Parent Families to get out of poverty and off of Welfare.

My belief is that any idea that I can conceive, I can achieve.



"Life is Ageless and Age is Lifeless"TM

"Anne Brunette, Anne Blond,           Either Way, I 'm Awfully Fond"    Buddy Hackett  1970  

Ann Morell
"The Epitomy of A Woman and Someone Very Special"
 Michael Christian